The journey started prior to Election 2016 with few hands from the elephant’s family. Nana Yaw Manteaw popularly known as ‘CODE’ and some few faces of the New Patriotic Party took upon themselves the challenge to regroup the youth, the aged , the less privileged and children below age 16 to give them the HOPE which was lost 8 years back down the lane.
The foundation of Hope Army birthed the Round2 Virtual Rally Campaign for the Nana Addo 2020 Electioneering tour for victory with new creative ramifications.
2020 Virtual Rally has been pinned to remedy the defects of contracting the novel covid 19 pandemic which has taken millions of lives globally.

With experience gains and few experts on board, the team envisaged the cost associated to physical encroachment ahead, and as well planned to lessen the boredom and fragility in mass gathering which infringes on the presidential order which only allows a certain number of people to gather. In view of this, launching of the 2020 round2 virtual rally comes to play for all with its benefits not limited to;

▶️Investment in human capital to build our digital skills base, by continuing our investments in teaching on health related issues and how to keep back our hopes alive; to do this, we will be engaging our followers and partners in a more interactive chat on social media and other virtual platforms going forward.

▶️reducing the stress and frustration caused by the novel coronavirus in our homes and bring much more fantasies on your handsets, this could be archieved through our digital platforms virtually

▶️Removing boredom and the form of isolation created by the novel coronavirus through first class digital innovation platforms wherever you are to engage with us 24/7

▶️Converting the idle situations to more exciting and glooming environment for your survival.

Stay glued to this channel and together we experience more exciting and retentive stuff for your well-being. You care, We care more!!!

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